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At Down South Marine & Auto Detailing, we offer a range of high-quality detailing packages to suit your needs.

We only use water based products to ensure no slick, oily feeling plastics on your interior or oil slick on vehicle from oil based tire shine.

Level 1 - The essentials
We cover the essentials with a full exterior wash, clay bar followed by a hand wax.
Interior gets Full detail including seats and carpets. (Any heavy stains removal are an additional charge)

Level 2 - Enchantment detail
This package is a complete overhaul of your vehicle! Your vehicle gets a full strip wash to remove old waxes and iron build up, clay barred, and a 1 step polish to clean up some light defects and restore vehicles gloss. Finally gets topped with a ceramic sealant giving 6 months protection and high gloss!
Interior gets Full detail including seats and carpets. (Any heavy stains removal are an additional charge)

Level 3 - Ceramic coating
This level is a full level 2 detail with a ceramic based polish followed by a ceramic coating. (Great for new vehicles!)

Level 4 - Full correction and Ceramic coating
This is a full level 3 for vehicles slightly older that have heavy defects and swirls in the paint. Process depends on the overall condition of vehicle.

Interior Only

Looking just to get your interior detailed? We have you covered! Our Interior details are a revamp or your cars interior to make it feeling fresh! Full cleaning of every inch of your interior including a shampooing of carpets and seats (conditioning if leather seats) to remove odors and stains.

Not sure which package is best for your car? Get in touch with us today to discuss your options.

Trust our interior car detailing professionals

At Down South Marine & Auto Detailing, we believe you should be able to ride in style. That’s why we offer our top-notch exterior and interior car detailing services for drivers across the North Fort Myers, FL area. 

You’ll never regret entrusting your vehicle with us. We...

  • Provide unparalleled attention to detail and cleanliness
  • Always prioritize our customers’ satisfaction 
  • Take pride in the unmatched quality of our work 

We'll do everything from stain removal to dashboard cleaning to ensure your car looks its best. To learn more about our exterior and interior car detailing services, connect with us at 239-731-8429 now. Don’t hesitate to bring us any of your questions or concerns.

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Trust us to protect your vehicle from the harsh Florida weather

alt air, sand and UV rays can easily damage paint and make your car look older than it is. Routine washing, waxing and coating can prolong the beautiful appearance of your car and protect it from the Florida elements.

Want to keep your automobile in pristine condition? Reach out to Down South Marine & Auto Detailing for car paint correction or auto detailing services in the North Fort Myers, FL area. We can complete your interior car detailing in a timely manner.